Jessica's water challenge

Jessica is drinking only water and milk throughout 2017 to raise money for Stand by Me children

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Hi, I’m Jessica Cunningham. I’m 13 years old and I have set myself the challenge of only drinking water and milk throughout the year of 2017. I was inspired by someone who has already done this and I thought i could try it, too. I challenged myself to leave all fizzy drinks, juices, hot drinks and every other drink except water and milk for the year because I thought supporting others who do not and cannot experience these luxuries was more important than enjoying them myself. At first, I only did this for my own good, but when I heard that people do it for a greater cause, the last seven or eight months were redirected to Stand by Me. I hope others will be inspired by what I’m doing, enough to do the same in the near future; to support others and stay away from most drinks for a while.

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Offline fundraising gave £520
Yvonne johnston gave £20
Well done jessica
SIMON HENRY gave £20
Brilliant achievement Jess !
An anonymous donor gave £5
Matthew Dillon gave £20
Well done Jessica!! Not sure I could last a week never mind a year.
John O'Connor donated to this appeal
Well done Jess - John and Linda
An anonymous donor gave £10
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Trevor monteith gave £10
Good girl jesd
Sam Coburn gave £20
Congrats Jessica what an amazingly selfless thing to do . You should be very proud of yourself! Love Sam & Amie xx
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