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Moving On Up

Nepal Friday, 20 April 2012
Moving On Up

Baburam Moktan is a wonderful example of how the dedicated supporters of Stand by Me can help to transform a child’s life.

Imagine leaving your home and walking along a bumpy dirt track for an hour and a half before you reach any sign of life on a main road. This is the reality for Baburam Moktan, a young boy who lived in a remote village in Nepal, where poverty was extreme and education was just a dream.

Baburam’s father is a pastor in the village and his mother is unemployed. They both obtained occasional work on a nearby farm but despite longing to care for their children, they could not earn enough to feed their family adequately.

The remoteness of their village also meant there were no opportunities for children to go to school. For this reason, Baburam was enrolled in the Stand by Me children’s home in May, 2011.

Because of the vast distance from his home village, Baburam knew nothing about the community and very little of the Nepali language when he first joined the home. Initially he was a shy character and tended to keep things to himself, he always seemed very sad and uncertain about those around him. This bright little boy was lovingly welcomed into the Children’s Home by his new Stand by Me family.

Our home was the perfect environment for Baburam to gain confidence and with 123 boys and girls living there, there was plenty of chance to make new friends. We are pleased to say there has been a great change in Baburam since Christmas time.

He is now smiling, is very sociable and takes part in all the activities the home provides. Praise God! Living in a Stand by Me home has been a real blessing for Baburam as it has given him the opportunity to study and build up his self-esteem.

The Children’s home is going through some exciting changes at the present time. Stand by Me is busy decorating, furnishing and renovating two recently obtained buildings in order to provide seven family homes for the girls and five homes for the boys.

These improvements mean that each child will have their own bunk bed, a wardrobe and light, airy accommodation with good bathroom and toilet facilities. Children like Baburam benefit greatly from this provision as they are given the chance to grow up with dignity and a vision for their life.

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