Meet Tirunesh

Aged 6, Ethiopia

Tirunesh lives with her parents in a small house made of mud. They sleep on a grass mattress on the floor. Tirunesh’s dad works as a daily labourer in the grain gridding house and her mother works with local traditional materials, which she sells in the local market. However, this combined family income is not sufficient for their daily needs. 

Learning of these difficulties, Tirunesh has been accepted into the Stand by Me school where with the help of sponsorship provision she has access to an education, food and medical care.  

Tirunesh loves learning English. She enjoys playing dodgeball and hide and seek. She likes to eat bread with  sauce. One day she hopes to be a bus driver.

Where Tirunesh lives

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Famine, HIV/Aids and extreme poverty have resulted in millions of orphans and a life of hardship for the majority of its population. Nearly one million children are orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids. A lack of investment in education and a high dependency on child labour has left five million children without access to an education. Educational opportunities for girls are lower than boys as they are expected to do domestic work or marry at an early age.

Our two schools, the Bethany School and the Abdi Academy are today providing the poorest children with a quality education, daily food, health care and family support. Our Children’s Village has two family homes which care for orphaned and at risk children. 

How your donation is used

92% of your donation will be used to directly provide the best care possible for Tirunesh. We’ll use the remaining 8% to support the work of Stand by Me and find a sponsor for the next child.

What you receive

When you sponsor Tirunesh you will receive a pack in the post with his story and photo. Every year you will receive an update about his/her progress, a new photo and at least one communication from him/her.

Real relationship

We know our kids love to receive your letters and write back so we encourage you to write as many letters as you like, along with photos and birthday gifts to develop a genuine relationship.

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